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 (1) Lung Kong World Federation:
 (2)  Loong Kong Youth Group of the San Francisco Loong Kong Tien Yee Association: :
Main website:
           Calendar of Events, Newsletter, Pictures, etc. :
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 (3)  Honolulu Lung Kong Tin Yee Association:
 (4 From Tokyo, Japan:
 (5Quan World Federation:
 (6) Ancestor Guan:  
 (7) Lau Wong Fat Secondary School: :
 (8) Lau Tak Yung Memorial Primary School: :
 (9) Wong Yiu Nam Primary School:
 (10) Mrs. Fung Yiu Hing Memorial Primary School:
 (11) Lung Kong Tin Yee Association of Phoenix U.S: 美國鳯凰城龍岡親義公所


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