Historical Background


In the second century, A. D. the four separate families, more particularly known, even to this day, as the Lau, Kwan, Cheung and Chiu, had formed a Fraternal Order on the summit of Lung Kong in Central China,

The land was then ruled by despotic and corrupt ministers of the Court, but even more terrible was the Yellow Band, a huge organization which practiced witchcraft and threatened catastrophe disease and pestilence if the people of China did not bow to their will and joined them.

One man who decided to stand against these twin curses against the people of China was Lau Pei, a man of great justice. For a time he fought alone, but eventually he was joined by three other heads of Chinese families, Kwan Yu, Cheung Fei and Chiu Wan.

Their struggle characterizes by deeds of loyalty, righteousness, humanity and courage, lasted for 65 years. This period, in terms of Chinese history, seems very short, but they were the most unforgettable years in her history. Their united effort left so great an impact on the national life of the Chinese people that the tales of deeds are recorded in a book called Three Kingdoms, which has been read by all Chinese for about 1500 years.

Ancestral Influence


The vigorous offshoots from the deeds, unity of purpose and brotherly union of Lau Pei, Kwan Yu, Cheung Fei and Chiu Wan was planted in the hearts of all Chinese people, especially in the hearts of all descendents of the Lau, Kwan, Cheung and Chiu families, who always speak of their hero ancestors of the Three Kingdom Period with admiration.

The influence on the Chinese overseas of the above‑mentioned, families is even more profound. The clansmen of Lau, Kwan, Cheung and Chiu band together quite naturally for betterment of a more peaceful environment in the course of their stay in strange lands.
     The illustrious virtues, loyalty, righteousness, humanity and courage displayed by the original founders of our Fraternal Order are the guiding principles of Lung Kong World Federation.

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