Sixteenth Fraternal Convention (Synopsis)

     The 16th Fraternal Convention of the Pan American Lung Kong was held in Ottawa,
Canada on September 1-3,   2001 (3-days). There were 116 Lung Kong delegates
came from the United States, Canada, Mexico, Cuba, Hong Kong, Taiwan and
Singapore Lung Kong organizations. In addition, over 300 family members and friends
of the delegates and many local dignitaries participated in this Convention. Over the
three-days period, many fruitful meetings have been held; delegates, family members
and friends, and local dignitaries dined, paraded, and taken tours together. This
Convention truly promoted and propagated the Lung Kong spirit of brotherhood and
family reunion. It was definitely a joyous, successful and remembered convention. The
sponsor of this Convention was the local Ottawa Lung Kong Tin Yee Association. From
the planning stage to the final farewell party, the brothers and sisters at Ottawa Lung
Kong, especially Led by Planning Committee Chairman David Lau and President Ken Kwan, have done a superb and commendable job.

Election of officers were held during the third day, brother Steve Jeong from San
was elected as the President for the next three consecutive years (2001-
2004). Congratulations to President Steve!

The next Fraternal Convention (17th) will be held in Yew York, USA in September
2004, and NewYork Lung Kong Tin Yee Association will be the sponsor.

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